Placing Bids

When you enter the product page:

You will see pictures of the product, a detailed description of the product as well as the bidding box.  As many details as possible will be provided for the vehicles as we no longer offer on site viewing of vehicles.



The bidding box contains important information about the auction and you should pay particular attention to the button that shows the amount of bids.

Clicking this button will pop open a new box that shows you the current high bidder and several previous bids before it.  Knowing this information is critical so you do not bid against yourself if you are currently the highest bidder.



When you want to place a bid:

Pay attention to the current bid and minimum bid amounts.  You will need to place a bid higher than the current bid but you will also need to place a bid at certain minimal increments.  To prevent stagnant auctions of bidders consistently outbidding the highest bidder by low amounts, three levels of bidding increments have been implemented.  The increment value grows as the highest bid increases.  To place bids you need to create an account.  To do so you can click here

  • Bids between $0-$1000 the minimum bidding increment is $50.00
  • For bids between $1000-$5000 the minimum bidding increment is $100.00
  • For all bids over $5000 the minimum bidding increment is $250.00



When bidding closes:

The highest bidder will automatically and immediately be sent an email stating they have won the auction.  Follow the link within your email to complete your transaction.  You MUST complete your transaction online however you do not need to make a payment online.  We offer multiple payment options.


 If you need any further assistance please fill out the form below.